Connect Groups

Every week, right across the city, people meet in homes, coffee shops, university residences or other convenient settings, doing life together, sharing testimonies, studying the Bible, challenging each other, building friendships and sharing Jesus. These are the life of our church…

Our Connect Groups are focused on helping Christians to be true disciples of Jesus Christ by assisting them in growing their relationship with God, building relationships with other believers and by encouraging outreach to others. Connect Groups play a vital role in the life of our church and we encourage everyone to be part of one.


Jesus spent a lot of time with a group of just three men – Peter, James and John. Although He led a band of 12 disciples, He took special time to impart significantly to these three. The early church also met in small groups outside of the large temple court meetings, committing themselves to fellowship.


A group of three to five people is the ideal size for a Connect Group. There are many benefits to meeting together in small groups, including:

  • It’s the perfect place to build close relationships;
  • It’s a place of loving accountability, which helps us to grow in our faith and remain on a sure footing;
  • Improved Biblical knowledge and greater understanding on how to apply this knowledge to our everyday lives;
  • Greater fruitfulness as Christians;
  • Effective way of discipling others.


We believe that meeting weekly allows for the greatest depth of relationship, fastest growth of individuals and encourages the greatest amount of fruitfulness. If, however, your group is unable to meet weekly, biweekly (although less desirable) will also work. The ideal time period for a Connect Group is one hour, although many people choose to spend time together before or after the meeting to catch up.


Very often the relationships that are initiated in your Connect Group will continue forever. However, the formal structure of your Connect Group need only last for a year. It is likely that within a year the members of your Connect Group will be ready to run their own groups and we would love you to prepare them to do this.


Relational: A place where people share what is going on in their lives and connect relationally with one another.

Thankful: Taking time to share testimonies of what God has done, creating an atmosphere where faith is built up and people grow in their walk with God.

Biblical: Focusing on the Word of God. The format of this focus takes on various forms.

Prayerful: Taking time to pray for the needs of the people in the group, the needs of the church and for people that group members want to reach out to.

Fruitful: Fruitfulness is the natural result of anyone who is living in Christ. We encourage fruitfulness by challenging each person to become active members of the church, to exhibit increasing Christian character in their relationships, to endeavour to influence their environments toward greater godliness and to take risks in sharing their faith.