Leaders In Transformation (LIT)


“Leaders in Transformation” (LIT) is an institution seeking to equip Christian leaders to impact all spheres of society and to act as a “thought leader” to influence the affairs of nations in Southern Africa and beyond.


This initiative is being led by the the Umholi Leadership Development Trust, a foundation established to develop Christian leadership in South Africa in collaboration with His People Christian Church in Johannesburg.



Vision and Purpose

LIT seeks to make a positive impact in society by acting as a catalyst for leaders to extend the influence of Christ’s kingdom in all spheres of national life. To do this, LIT will seek to achieve two primary purposes:

  • LIT will identify, support and provide training and equipping for next generations of high calibre Christian leaders called to serve the Lord in spheres of life outside of the church, resulting in positive transformation of society
  • LIT will seek to grow as an influential voice through “thought leadership and advocacy”, publicly presenting Biblical truth in response to specific challenges and the key issues affecting national development.

Get Involved

Each week LIT devotions are available in the ‘Resources’ section which help us delve deeper into the Word of God and our identity in Him. Click here to view the latest devotion.


Also join us on Thursday evenings for our ‘Grow Evenings’ for a short time of worship and  where the LIT team are available to teach & engage with us on how to be an effective individual regardless of the field of study you’re in. Look out for details on our Home page for time and place!


“Transforming Leaders Who Transform Society”