Spiritual Growth


If you have recently come to know Christ or have never had biblical foundations established in your life, we would like to invite you to embark on a journey to do so. Foundation classes will help lay strong spiritual foundations in your life and equip you to lay these foundations in the lives of others. Foundation Classes take place for an hour on a weekly basis over a 4 week period run by our ministry leadership team.



Victory Day is a powerful 1-day course hosted by our Men & Women’s Ministries. It is designed to assist believers in breaking free from their past and present bondages and will equip you to walk in the victory Christ purchased for you on the Cross. Hundreds of people have been through these weekends with many amazing testimonies of God taking them to new levels of freedom and wholeness. We see this course as vital for all church members and urge everyone to attend it at least once. We also see this course as a pre-requisite for leadership at His People Church.

Victory Day takes place on a Saturday morning until the afternoon. Groups for men and women run in separate venues on the same weekend.

The topics we address and minister on include:

  • Transformation;
  • The work of the Cross;
  • My identity in Christ;
  • Victory over generational curses, relational dysfunctions, spiritual error (cults/false religions), sexual sins and addictions.



Thursday evenings between 18.00 – 20.00 are set aside for a time of corporate worship and engaging in the Word. During this time we:

  • have the Leaders In Transformation (LIT) team engage us on various topics pertaining to how to be an effective leader in the market place
  • have our Relationship Series topics shared
  • have various Men & Women Ministry topics and events take place

Look out for Facebook and Twitter announcements as well as the ‘Events’ Page for more detail throughout the semester