Where You Can Serve

We Believe in Servant-Leadership.

There are various ways in which you can get involved in any of the ministries that ensure that our Sunday services are the weekly celebration that they should be – here’s where you can get involved.

Hosting Ministry

When people visit us we represent the Kingdom of God to them and want our actions to speak louder than our words. The Sunday Hosting Ministry teams are the first faces a new person will encounter when they visit one of our services.These are teams of committed members whose goal it is to serve the congregation in multiple ways, to make member and visitors Sunday experience most fruitful. The Hosting Ministry is made of the following teams, which you can get involved in:

  • Ushering  (serve by greeting people as they arrive; directing people to available seats when applicable; anticipating and meeting the needs of church attendees as they arise; taking up offerings and serving communion)
  • Altar Councelling & Follow Up (spend 10/15 minutes with people that have responded to the altar call to counsel, pray with and direct them to a connect group nearest where they live after the service.
  • Visitors Reception (a team of people who are outgoing and love reaching out to visitors to help make them feel welcomed and get connected)


Multimedia & Visual Arts

This ministry is tasked to ensure that all visuals for any occasion are prepared, which includes any visual arts required for Sunday services and events. This comprises the preparation of:


  • Weekly announcements
  • Video clips
  • Podcast and audio preparation
  • Photography


Worship Ministry

Worship is not just the songs that we sing, it is the state of our hearts before God. We value all the different aspects that work together to create an atmosphere for worship.

This ministry is made up of the following departments in which you can play a part:

  • Set-Up (this team’s objective is to ensure that all equipment that is required for our Sunday services is set up and set down. This is particularly because of we make use of a university venue and only have access to it on specific days)
  • Sound (ensures that all sound needs for any service are catered for)
  • Band (this team is made up of musicians and worship leaders who carry and usher worship for this campus ministry for Sunday Services and any occasion where a request for worship is made)


If you are interested  and would like to be a part of any of the ministries listed you can email hpwits@gmail.co.za or come visit us at the volunteer table after our Sunday services